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Parvathy's Anugrahaa International School is one of the many-fold contributitions of K.K.R.Natarajan N.Parvathy Ammal Educational Trust, founded by an eminent business family in Dindigul with a noble vision of imparting quality education to the students of this part of the country.

PAIS is the dream project of Chairman, Mr.N.Srinivasan, Secretary Mr.N.Shredaran and Treasurer Mr.N.Nagarajan. It is a mission . Despite the fact that there are many schools in Dindigul, they felt that there was a need to make a difference in schooling. The idea was to create better opportunities for the students in Dindigul and to create opportunities with a global perspective. Anugrahaa International School will always strive to live by its philosophy. A philosophy that advocates a bright future for all.

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